Friday, September 4, 2015

Viewers' choice awards - Pets on Quilts 2015!

Today is the big day!

Are you ready for your stroll down the red carpet?

Padsworth is resting after tallying the viewers' choice votes . . .

Moses, the studio cat, is unconcerned. (Good nip!)

Here are our winners:

First place in the Dog on Quilt category: Number 43!

The lovely Molly! (She even looks cute in glasses!)

First place in the Cat(s) on Quilt category: Number 14!

Custard and Cupcake! Sweet sisters!

First place in the Other Animal on Quilt category: Number 37!

Trixie really flew away from the competition in this category! Squeee!

First place in the Animal Themed Quilt category: Number 2!

This was a hotly-contested race -- the pugs tied it up early on, but Hank had one more vote!

Congratulations to all of our winners! Prizes provided by our sponsors will be announced soon, along with the random drawing winners!

(Just a side note . . . all of our winners will go into one pot, and all the prizes in another (figuratively speaking - not really drawing slips of paper out of pots). Then we will ask our software to randomly match numbered winners with numbered prizes. We feel like that is the most fair way to do it!)