Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's a small, small world!

Recently I created a quilt for a friend and business associate . . . we discovered some time ago that we had gone to the same elementary school, though we hadn't known each other at the time.

She recently became a first-time grandmama, so I knew I wanted to make something just for her.

I had some blocks from a swap that I participated in, and I thought an A-B-C quilt would be just the ticket!

The first block has airplanes; the next has bugs; the third has corn; and the fourth dogs . . . and so on, across the rows.

I had some wonderful, thick fleece in my stash that was perfect for a little guy:

Here are some of the blocks, up close and personal:

"J is for Jungle." All of these were free motion quilted; the lattice strips between the blocks were given a geometrical motif, and many of the blocks were outline quilted around the objects or animals.

E, of course, is for elephants, and don't forget that K is for kittens!

These hazelnuts fill in nicely for "N"...

On the Unicorn, I quilted the clouds and swirls and left the animal un-quilted.

You might be able to see the outline quilting around the ears of corn.

Here's a shot that shows the front and the fleece backing.

I had a great time making this; I personalized it with her name in one corner, the phrase "It's a small world" in another (because that is what we said when we realized we went to school together years ago!) and my name and the date in a third corner.

I'm hoping that this little quilt gets used a lot!