Saturday, June 15, 2013

Name your shelter! Sponsored Giveaway!

NOTE: This giveaway is closed now; thank you for your interest!

We've got a great giveaway today -- this will benefit your favorite shelter!

You will have a chance to win a great product that will ship directly to the shelter that you name, and you will be mentioned as the person who nominated them to receive the product!

What is it? It's the Stretch and Scratch, from our good friend, Joan Laisney, "The Scratcher Lady"!!

Check this out:

Scratchers fill many needs for the kitties in adoption centers and shelters . . .cats can relieve stress by using them, and they get a good stretch when the scratchers are installed high on the cage wall or door. 

Here is what their creator, Joan Laisney says:

As a shelter volunteer, I saw lots of scratch marks on cage walls where cats tried to perform natural behaviors: stretching muscles, cleaning nails &  scent marking with their paws.  After months of testing, I created Stretch & Scratch pads.  Easy to install & affordable, big enough for a good scratch & small enough to see into the cages, shelter cats can get the cage enrichment they need while waiting for adoption.
You can help your local shelters by giving them a heads up: tell them to add these to their wish list -- link their request from their site to the Scratcher site, and donors can order them to be sent directly to the shelters!
Joan is offering a case of twenty-five Scratchers to one shelter, randomly chosen from those nominated here on this post. She's also offering a discount for those who would like to order some Scratchers for the shelter or adoption center of their choice -- just use the promo code 10OFF and you will receive a ten percent discount on your purchase price!

Here at the Lilypad, we have a special place in our hearts for rescue pups and kitties . . . even now we have a little femme fatale who needs a home; we all are trying valiantly to find Bertie a furever home!
Moses (The Studio Cat), Padsworth and DragonDrop have put their heads together and Snoodles has helped, too, but so far, we haven't found a place for her. If all else fails, we'll take her to the no-kill shelter near us, and they will find a home for her; she is so little, and so affectionate -- someone will fall in love with her! See?

Now, let's get down to where the litter hits the box (sorry) and tell you how to enter this giveaway!
Leave a comment on this blog post nominating your favorite shelter or adoption center to receive the Scratchers. Tell us the name and location . . . Easy peasy!  We'll leave the giveaway open for a week, and then ask Mr. Random to choose our winner.....but the discount code lasts till the end of August! Thanks, Joan!