Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Apple of My Eye!

Yep, some of you sharp eyed quilters guessed it correctly . . . my scrappy project is utilizing some pieces of Apple of My Eye by Amanda Herring of the Quilted Fish!

I also promised to point you to the tutorial that I found my inspiration in -- the oh-so-talented Julie at Jolie Maxtin participated in the April Showers mug rug hop recently organized by Madame at SewWeQuilt. I loved her mug rug, and she offered a lovely tut for her readers.

I asked her about the template that she mentioned in her tutorial, and she is such a sweetheart that she made me one and sent it on to me! I swear, you meet the nicest peeps in the quilting and blogging community, don't you? 

This was something brand new to me, and I also was kinda stretching a bit to go a little more modern in this design. I'm really happy with the results!

There (above) is a picture of the template.

There is my mug rug ready for some quilting. I quilted about 1/4 inch from the piecing seams. 

Then I got out my "thread buryer" and went to work . . . I had some questions on my tool, so I thought I would show you a close up. It is from Clover, and it's called a Soft Touch Thread Pic, and I seriously love how easily it pulls my threads under the fabric, and doesn't leave a tell-tale hole!

It also comes with the cover for the pointy end, that you see above. That's very important for bleary-eyed quilters who are up late at night and into the wee hours . . . (Grin)

I realized when I got the quilting and thread burying completed that I didn't have enough of that lovely blue to make my binding. Oh, the angst! The stress! Whatever would I do?

Enter the heroine -- Jackie over at Jackie's Art Quilts came to my rescue! She had some Apple of My Eye left over and is sending me some! (Waving) Thank you, Jackie! You're awesome!

When I complete this mug rug, I'll post and show you!

I almost forgot....I'm linking up this week with Katherine's Thursday Favorite Things hop, and with Lesley's Create It Thursday hop, too!



  1. How big is this mug rug? It is cute, but looks big enough for a place mat!


  2. Fun project! I was wondering how you cut the wedges. Now I see.

  3. Adorable!!!! So happy you had a quilty friend come to the rescue and help you out with the blue binding!!! =D

  4. Bloggers are awesome friends. I love your mug rug. It looks terrific so far.

  5. This is so great! I love the design and template - that pick is on my want list now too :)

  6. It is awesome! I love the modern look of it. And I have to tell you that after your post about the thread pic, I rushed out and bought one :)

  7. Love the mug rug and the material you chose for it. Well done!

  8. Great job! Your project turned out so nice!

  9. Went in the mail today=) Now let's hope it doesn't take too long crossing the border.

  10. That's a nice tool from Clover! It would be a SUPER seller if they would design a pair of scissors similar to pinking shears that would clip curves, say at 3/8 to a 1/2 inch deep grooves spaced apart by the same...I think lots of folks would buy them! I know I would! You should suggest it!

  11. great project
    I'm using a needle to bury each thread from quilting, so will take a look at the soft pic tool.

  12. fun! Thank you for sharing at the hop! xo

  13. Well shoot, Jacque, somehow I missed these progress photos! I really love this mat. I still like to see things in the whole all completed, but this does give me the gist of it all. I really love how this looks. I thought it was much larger than a mug rug. I want to make a table mat like this!


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