Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting the binding ready

Remember my Happy Town quilt?

I'm scrambling to get it finished so that I can send it off to the folks at Henry Glass Fabrics, for the Quilts for Kids effort.

It's been quilted (I'll show you that later) and it's ready for binding.

I had some lovely striped fabric left from the Happy Town collection. I do love me a striped binding. I also love a narrow binding!


I cut my strips just 2 inches wide -- I can hear some of you gasping in disapproval, but I really do like how it turns out.

I found a great tutorial at Cherry House Quilts, and joining the strips was a lot easier than my last project! Check this out if you like the look of a narrow binding.  (Thank you, Cherri!)

Personally, I like the binding to appear full, and when I have done a wider binding, part of it seems to be full, and part of it seems empty!
Don't you love the stripes?

I'll be taking some photos before I send the quilt off, so I hope to show you those soon!



  1. Love that binding fabric! I always use 2.25" and have wondered about 2" :)

  2. I love the stripes for the binding!

  3. love the stripes binding! and yes GASP 2"... wow I've always done 2 1/2" and my neighbor does 2 1/4" which I'm tempted to TRY but then again I Like doing 2 1/2" and have or HAD a jar of left over strips which I'm now making into a scrappy trip around the world quilt. where's padsworth??

  4. Love the stripes and it will be perfect for this quilt. I typically use a 2 1/2" binding unless it is a much smaller quilt.

  5. I use the 2" binding on minis and wallhangings. 2.25" on commission and show quilts (for the 'filled binding') and 2.5" on utility quilts whick are sewn to back and turned to front and machine sewn down for durability. And I love a striped binding!

  6. That stripe is going to make the CUTEST binding on your adorable quilt! Looking forward to seeing the finished product and the quilting you did on it.
    PS Don't you just love this sunshine?! Have a great day my friend!

  7. I always like the striped and polka dot borders too.

  8. I love your striped binding =D

  9. I love striped bindings! I join my bindings on the bias almost the same way.



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