Saturday, June 23, 2012

I admit it! I stole it!

In the interest of complete transparency and accountability (where have I heard those terms before?) I am 'fessing up, er, coming clean, er, telling the truth about where I got the idea for the project I'm about to show you!

It was from the brilliant Barb, over at Bejeweled Quilts! I've been following her long enough for her to swear out a warrant on me, but she is very tolerant . . .

She does wonderful things with her collection of scraps, and she showed a table topper on this post that inspired me.  Go ahead and click there, and check out the first photo. (Tapping foot) Well, go on . . . you need to see it so you will know why I made mine!

Back already? OK, here we go. She had flowers on her topper, easily cut with her Accuquilt cutter. Do I have a Go Baby? Yes. Do I have the circles die? No. Did that stop me? Nope.

Her flowers were ever so cute. But being the odd, er, eccentric, er, delightfully quirky person that I am, I started seeing turtles.




This is just a bird's eye view of my tablerunner I'm making . . . and it is all Barb's fault. I scrounged around and found these cute, bright fat quarters:

Then I struggled to get some nice circles cut out, in three different sizes (oh, you better believe that the circles die is on my wish list now!) and placed them like so:

I think I will call it Turtle Parade. I'm sure that there are lots of people all over everywhere that have had this idea before, but this is my first time trying it, and I thought it was cute!

I believe that after I stitch these little guys and gals down, I'll decorate them with eyes (eyelashes for the ladies) and noses, and give them tails, too. 

I'll show you when I have made some progress, OK?

Have a happy day and include some sewing!!