Friday, May 4, 2012

Now where did my bingo card go? (And a giveaway!)

This giveaway is closed now, but thank you for your interest!

Excuse me, I'm searching for my card . . . even tho the four of us who are calling the words can't win a prize, it is a lot of fun to follow along and place a button or two!

(Muttering) I thought sure it was right here. No, maybe over by the fat quarters. Hmmm.  I think I just found a clue . . . Remember this?

At the time, I thought that Padsworth was designing a barn quilt block. Now look what I found in my notebook --- he was planning something special for May for Me!

(Can you see the drawing there?)

Ah, yes, my little green friend, I am on to your scheme . . .
He was sewing the basting stitches across the card as quick as a hoppy toad on an asphalt driveway:

So you have appropriated my bingo card to be your cape? Alright, hold still and I'll snap your picture:

What's that, Padsworth? 
Well yes, you are a frog of some renown.
And you say you are going to be a super hero?  Well, what will you fight to protect?

Patchwork, applique and the right to fearless free motion quilting!

Hey, I like the sound of that!  Now you just need a name --- Caped Crusader is taken. We need it to be just right for a special green frog like you. I'll have to think on it.

In the meantime, here are the bingo words for today, from Lilypadquilting.

  N--Berries (no specific berries)

Be sure to stop in at the other three blogs (I hope you have them bookmarked by now! Grin) which are VroomansQuilts, HillbillyHandiworks, and CraftySewingandQuilting.

Now before you run off, leave me a comment telling me what you think Padsworth's superhero name should be . . . and you'll be entered into a drawing to receive this wonderful book from Martingale Publishing:

Remember Fast and Fun First Quilts? You can check out my review at this post. It's a super book, and if you would like to win, just be a follower (one comment) and tell me a super-hero-ish name for Padsworth (second comment) and you'll have two chances to win!
We'll leave this open til midnight on Sunday, May 6, and announce our winner the next day!

Good luck!