Thursday, January 19, 2012

Giving away my cross stitch supplies . . .

Hey, don't forget the Embellishment Party post, linked up here, and the giveaway that Jackie is hosting at her blog --- some of her yummy hand-dyed fabrics are up for grabs, so click here to be whisked away to enter! Sunni will be posting the next Party Post next week!

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I'm de-stashing my cross stitch supplies that have been languishing in the craft closet and have been neglected for far too long --- time to pass them along to someone (several someones) who will give them a good home! I just don't have the time to work with these supplies, and with my quilting, knitting, and crochet projects.

Let me tell you how this will work: I'll post pictures and descriptions, along with numbers to label each group. You tell me in a comment which one(s) you want, and I will email you to confirm. I'll package them for shipping and use the most economical shipping method that I can --- then I'll send you a paypal invoice for the shipping costs, and we'll both be happy!  It will be first come, first served, and anything that isn't claimed will go to the local thrift store of my choice, for them to sell.

If you see a red print word "CLAIMED" on the listing, it is already claimed and on its way to a new home!

Ready? Then away we go!

Group One: CLAIMED Remember these? In medieval times (grin) we would use our floss and small pieces of cross stitch fabric to create Christmas stitcheries, and then pop them into these to hang on the tree. The rings are plastic, as are the clear front covers for the cross stitched designs. The adhesive on the cardboard is shot, but you can use your own method of adhering them to the cardboard, then snap them into the rings. Eight red, and ten green, complete.

Group Two:  CLAIMED I broke this out to handle separately, since someone might just want the patterns, but this would be a nice tag-along to Group One. There are patterns here for the little ornaments above, as well as a piece of cross stitch cloth (please don't ask me the name or count on this - I have no clue!), over a yard long, and 15 inches wide.

Group Three:  CLAIMED Two pillowcases, with kittens sleeping stamped on them, and the pattern (color chart) to finish them. I started on these so you might feel led to remove my stitches, or maybe not! There is one small stain on one kitten....looks like I might have had a needle there years ago. (The hoop stays here!)

Group Four: CLAIMED I started on one of the two fingertip towels here, but you could easily remove those stitches and create your own heirlooms. Two towels with fringe.

Group Five: CLAIMED Four blank canvases for you to create upon! First, the one called Zweigart is Lugana 25 count, and is 12" x 18" in a soft sage color. Next the two flat packages of Charles Craft are both Aida 18 count, and are both 12 x 18. The Charles Craft in the tube (I'll remove it from the tube to ship it) is called "wheat" color, and is 15 x 18.

Item Six: Two pictures of this one, so that you can see it well. It is a kit by Bucilla, for a Christmas goose project. Everything is there - the floss, the hoop, the fabric for the ruffle, everything.

Item Seven:  CLAIMED Now we're into books and patterns . . . This one is childrens' sweaters, vests, etc.

Item Eight: CLAIMED Pattern leaflet for cross stitch projects with childrens' theme.

Item Nine: Pattern book called "The Potties in Pastels Collection" for kids' bathroom-themed stitcheries. Don't ask me why I purchased this, just take me out of my misery, OK?

Item Ten:  CLAIMED A really sweet sampler pattern, just for you!

Item Eleven: CLAIMED A leaflet with a selection of kitchen-themed projects.

Item Twelve:  CLAIMED In the mood for some funky slippers? These animal slippers to crochet may be for you!

Item Thirteen:  CLAIMED If you click and embiggen the picture, you can see that the cross stitch portion of this project is pretty small....the rest is the print and the embossed mat for framing - yes, they are still in the booklet!

Item Fourteen: Booklet with nine scripture-themed projects.

Item Fifteen: CLAIMED Leaflet pattern for a cross stitch picture of the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC, affectionately called "America's Castle."

Item Sixteen: CLAIMED Cross stitch with a quilting theme . . . I'm tempted on this one. Get it quick!

Item Seventeen:  CLAIMED Another of the booklets with an embossed mat for framing, along with the cross stitch pattern.

Item Eighteen:  CLAIMED Remember when we wanted to tie knots in everything and anything? We called the craft macrame, and here's a booklet full of projects for you.

Item Nineteen: CLAIMED Here's another one - macrame book, I mean.

Item Twenty:  CLAIMED Booklet with basic knitting instructions, and projects as well.

Item Twenty-one: CLAIMED Booklet with baby blankie patterns to knit

Item Twenty-two: Did I make and wear one of these? I plead the fifth.

Item Twenty-three: CLAIMED This is one that I'll admit to making . . . the piglet was adorable!

Item Twenty-four: CLAIMED Leaflet with Christmas project ideas to crochet

Item Twenty-five: CLAIMED Crochet a quilt, instead of piecing one!

So, if you would like any of these, leave me a comment. If you would like several, just say so. When you leave your comment, please do both of us a favor, and check the previous comments to see if your desired item is still unclaimed. I hope that these will go to happy homes!