Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yay! It's a Flimsy!!

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 If any of my Wantobe quilters are reading this, you might be wondering what that means . . . Padsworth was a little puzzled, too!

This is the picture he thought should go with the word "flimsy."

Nope, lil green guy, "A flimsy" is just a term we use to describe the finished quilt top, before we "sandwich" it!

No, no, Padsworth, not THAT kind of sandwich!! Sandwich refers to the three layers --- top, batting, and backing --- of the quilt! (He always wants to help with the posts . . . have you checked out Ole Frog Eyes lately? You may notice some changes that he suggested there!)

Ahem. Shall we continue?

I wanted to show you a picture of the memory quilt, since I finished adding the borders. I actually took advantage of a beautiful day and spread out the backing and batting, and then spread out the quilt. See how it turned out?

It was kinda shady where I laid it out, so I apologize for the colors not being so bright! Here is another view:

That's a "bubblegum" pink on the border, that was really popular in the thirties. (The white outside of that pink is just the batting hanging out! LOL)   I'm hoping to hand quilt it, and then make a scrappy binding from my thirties scraps, to finish it in time for Christmas!

Wow! I'd better get hoppin'!!