Friday, January 18, 2019

Progress on a UFO

Ain't it terrible how we must work to make time (and money) for our quilting? (Grin) Wow, I've been busy lately, so it made me very, very happy to get in my sewing room last night!

Remember these blocks?

I've completed all twenty-five of the large blocks, and now I'm working on the flimsy.....columns are done!

Here are three of them laid out so that you can see the patterns developing, amidst the color!

(I apologize for that photo - of course it had to be raining and sleeting when I wanted to take a picture outside!)

Soon, I will have them all together, and I think a small white first border will be good . . . hafta figure out what color for the final border. 

Any ideas?



  1. That is beautiful! I can't help but smile when I see the bright colors!
    Sandy A

  2. Beautiful colors and blocks! I love this layout too. Happy Sewing :-)

  3. Looks wonderful, white first will tie them all in, what about strips in every colour like piano keys? Or would that distract from the blocks? Maybe a darker solid like a photo frame maybe?

  4. What a wonderfully happy quilt this is making into!

  5. The half square triangles really stand out. Perhaps half square triangles in the border would be a logical complement to the interior pieced design.


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