Monday, April 30, 2018

Patch Abilities sponsors a giveaway!


You're going to love this new sponsor!
(No affiliate linkies today, just spreading the word about a great resource for quilters!)

Patchabilities is the passion of Julie Wurzer -- the truly creative mind behind the patterns and fun that she shares with her "tribe" of followers and customers!

I love what I see on her site..... since 2004 she's been creating oodles of "mini" projects that "invite others into this soul-satisfying hobby of quilting."  Most all of her designs are simple and straightforward enough to finish in one day -- and who among us stitchers doesn't love instant gratification?? (Grin)

This is kinda like her mission statement:
"I love creating small designs (6 x 22, 6 x 12, etc) with minimal basic sewing and simple designs to applique, so BEGINNERS can do it and not "screw it up." We take great CARE to write patterns with simple yet complete instructions, so that ANYONE may create without matter what their skill level is."
Take a peek at some of her cute and easy-to-create designs:

Like so many of Julie's patterns, there are great options for us there.... a digital pattern, button packs to add embellishment, wool, and even the hanger to display our work!

In fact, she has a boatload of hangers for us to choose from!
Here is just a sampling.... six categories from her "Hangers and Frames" splash page..... clicking on these images (on her site) will show you extra variety and even more choices!

Personally, I love the kits that she offers -- fabrics, buttons, wool if needed, and the hanger to display -- all in one package! Genius!

I gotta love a gal that leaves the corporate world and makes her own way, like Mr. Snoodles and I have done. (Grin) Check out her "About" page for some chuckles and the motivation behind Patch Abilities.

There's a monthly minis program (adorable tablerunners) that looks like a lilypad-full of fun, and bunches of Christmas designs so we can decorate the halls for seasonal parties and such!

Never fear if you have an independent streak a mile can easily order just the patterns for her cute designs, and use fabrics and buttons from your own stash to create one of a kind masterpieces!

I like the tutorials on the Patch Abilities site, too. You'll want to check those out!

Julie urges all of us to utilize our local shops for these wonderful patterns and kits, but if we live in the "boonies" we can order from her site, as well.

Now, for the giveaway!
One lucky winner is going to receive three of Patch Abilities' patterns -- and the winner gets to choose! Can't get sweeter than that, right?

How do you enter to win? I'm so glad you asked!

1. Leave a comment here on this post and tell me which of the hangers you like best.
2. If you follow here (but it's not mandatory, just optional) leave another comment.
3. Go to Patchabilities and sign up for her emails for another chance.
4. Spread the word on your Facebook page or blog or Instagram, etc for another chance to win!

Easy peasy, right?
Let the contest begin! We'll leave this open for a week, so comments will close on May 7th, and the randomly selected winner will be announced shortly thereafter!

Have fun on the Patch Abilities site -- I know you're gonna love it!