Monday, August 21, 2017

And now the voting begins!


Hasn't this been a fun show, so far? (Kinda cool that our voting starts on the day of the eclipse!)

So many cute entries! And lots of great stories of our furry Quilt Inspectors!

Now, it's time to vote!

Here's how it works......

We will have four Viewers' Choice awards:

Dog on Quilt

Cat on Quilt

Other Animal on Quilt

Pet (or animal) themed Quilt

After those awards are tallied, there will be random drawings for the prizes.....and everyone can have several entries in those drawings!

1. Did you enter the show? Leave a comment for that.

2. Did you furnish PR for the show? Did you spread the word by posting our badge or writing a post or a Facebook page entry? Leave a comment for that. (And like I said some months ago, if you did, you get extra entries!) 

3. Did you visit all of our lovely contestants, and leave nice comments for each one? (As much as possible....I know every year we have one or two entries that are difficult to comment on...)

4. Lastly, vote for your favorite in each category. Leave a comment for that. Helps me out if the comment looks kinda like this:

Dog on Quilt # 735
Cat on Quilt #411
Other # 682
Pet themed #901

Leave the comments below this post, OK? Good luck to everyone! Voting will be open for a week, and then you will have to give us time to tally the results!