Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Update on Heat Press Batting Together - more prizes!

(PLEASE NOTE: These prizes will be drawn in our August Pets on Quilts show! If you would like to purchase before that, just go to this site and place your order!)

I heard from Jeanne at Heat Press Batting Together, and I just had to share the good news!

The awesome product that she invented and is sponsoring as prizes (in August) is such a time and money saver!

She's still going to provide those two assortment packages that we mentioned, but hold the phone!!

(Yes, Virginia, that is what phones used to look like, back when Snoodles was young and she had to dodge those dinosaurs!)

She's also going to give twelve more winners a roll of product!!  Wowza!

Yep, those twelve lucky winners will receive a roll of 15 yards by 1.5 inch Heat Press Batting Together!!

Want to see some more ideas for the Heat Press products? Check this out:

Thank you for sponsoring our Pet Show, Heat Press team!!