Friday, September 2, 2016

Pets on Quilts 2016 winners!!

After some pencil sharpening, some counting on toes and fingers, some extra cups of Java, and some consultations with Mr. Random Number Generator, we have our winners!!

I need to thank all of our wonderful sponsors before we get started. I hope that all of you Lilypad followers will visit their web sites and their Facebook pages . . . tell 'em thanks for their sponsorships, and when you need quilting supplies, please go to their sites and purchase! We couldn't have our show without them!

Jeffree Itrich, the Fat Quarter Shop, Sharon Holland Designs, Lorna McMahon of SewFreshQuilts, Lara Bucella, the Green Fairy Quilt Shop, Hoffman Fabrics, Bejeweled Quilts by Barb, Clever Tools, and Terri Stegmiller Art and Design. We love them all! Thank you!

Let's announce our Viewers' Choice Awards first, OK?

First, the Dog on Quilt Category. Our good friend Buddy walked away with this category, though for a while, Jackson gave him a tussle. Here is Buddy's picture, from Flickr:

Buddy's human (Michelle) wins a $50 shopping spree at the Fat Quarter Shop! Congratulations!

For the Cat on Quilt category, there were several that gave Rocky a run for his money, but in the end, he prevailed with more votes than any other.  Congratulations to Quilter Rocky!

His human wins the beautiful fat quarter bundle from Terri Stegmiller!

In previous years, we've seen many "other" animals in our show . . . from hedgehogs to horses, and birds, too. This year's winner warms my heart, since I have raised these sweet critters, too:

Yep, the Other Animal Category is won by the ducks from Kathy's Quilting Blog!
Kathy is the lucky winner of the beautiful Morris jelly roll from Green Fairy Quilts! Congratulations!

The Pet Themed Quilt Project Category was a hotly contested one . . . our winner was Lara, for her mug rug of Wilbur and Charly. They're moving fast!

Wilbur's human wins the Tapestry fat quarter bundle from Sharon Holland Designs! Congratulations!

Now, it's time for our random drawings! I have to tell you, there were a couple of winners that missed out -- I had to redraw names because I couldn't reach someone by email. Thankfully, most of our comments either provided me with an email, or had their settings just right!

Heartiest congratulations go to these lucky winners!

Loris, PattyA, Nancy J, Katy M, and Carol Beads and Birds have all won a pattern from the talented Lorna at SewFreshQuilts! Congrats!

Barbara is the lucky winner of the signed book, Crafted Applique, New Possibilities! Congratulations! (I've added that book to my Christmas wish list!)

Cathy is the winner of the gorgeous Forest Friends kit from Hoffman Fabrics! Congrats to Cathy!

Janice Holton wins the set of Grip and Stitch tools from Clever Tools! Congratulations - I know you will enjoy them, because I use a set and love them!

Helen is our winner for the three patterns from Bejeweled Quilts by Barb! Yay!

The signed copy of My Very Good, Very Bad Dog goes to Heide! Congrats!

And a shopping spree at Fat Quarter Shop is in Tish's future! Congratulations, and enjoy!

I truly wish that I had a genie or something, so that I could have awarded prizes to everyone, from the folks who shared their adorable pets with us, to those that simply participated in the show by commenting and voting.

And I'm truly thankful for my PR Angels -- you certainly "earned your wings" this year, by spreading the word about our show. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

(Image courtesy of Amish Quilt Shop - these Rachel Pellman kits are adorable!)

We'll be reaching out to our winners via email!

Padsworth, DragonDrop and I will be taking a break for a bit, as we rest from our labors. We hope you enjoyed the show, and that you will be making plans to join us again next year!



  1. On behalf of Buddy and myself, I would like to say that this has been an exciting and fun competition and we are absolutely thrilled to have won in the Dog on Quilts category!! Thank you to all the sponsors but especially Fat Quarter Shop for our GC prize! I will enjoy selecting fabrics and Buddy will love cuddling on the quilt that I make with them!! Special thanks to Jacque for hosting this wonderful event!!

  2. Thank you, Jacque! I got your email about winning a pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts and am inspired by what I see on her site.
    Thank you again for hosting and entertaining us all with such a fun pet parade. I enjoyed seeing Rocky win the cat on quilt category. I backed a winner ��

  3. Congratulations to all the winners - all the entrants were winners because they really make the show such a fun event. Thank you to all the sponsors and to you dear girl - all your hard work makes it all come together.

  4. Congratulations to the winners. Thank you Jacque for once again organising this fun pet show, along with Padsworth and DragonDrop. Molly and I enjoyed taking part.

  5. Thank you to Snoodles for hosting this event, the generous sponsors, and to everyone who shared. I certainly enjoyed every entry and thought they were all winners. Still, congratulations to all the lucky winners. I'm already looking forward to this show in 2017.


  6. Congrats to all of the winners....and a big thank you to you for putting this on every year....

  7. Rocky is so excited to be a winner!!! He's running around in circles ... No, wait a minute, he's just chasing his toy =^..^=. Actually, I don't think it has sunk in for him just yet. He'll be in heaven though when we start our new project using those absolutely gorgeous Terri Stemiller prints!!! I can't believe we won them - pinch me so I'll know I'm not dreaming :*). Thanks to all those who voted for sweet Rocky, and a thousand thanks to Jacque, Padsworth & DragonDrop for all your hard work in putting together such a fun show again this year!!!

  8. To the winners, many congrats, to you all behind this fab event, so many thanks, and then I get an email with my name there, a random winner, and a pattern from the wonderful talented Lorna.Thank you so much too. I have seen stunning photos, loved pets by the score, and all else. Thank you again, for hosting this, and letting us all take part. Greetings from the far south in New Zealand, Nancy J.

  9. Very well deserved winners. I have to say as a firstie I got a little excited, as so many people voted for horsie with nice hairdo. However the cute duckies passed us by in the ratings, and rightly so. Congratulations to all. Thankyou Snoodles, I enjoyed this so much, and plan to be back next year God willing.xx

  10. Thanks for running the show and congrats to all the winners! Really hope to see it all again next year!

  11. Thank you for this great show and thanks to all who shared their precious pictures. It was so much fun! Congratulations to the winners.

  12. Congratulations to everyone, I think we're all winners just taking part and enjoying so many wonderful stories. I can't thank Jacque enough for continuing this amazing show and doing all of the hard work. As usual I've told the terrible twins they won BEST, BEST and gave them new coconuts for their prizes, LOL.

  13. Thank you for a great show, thank you to the sponsors, and thank you to the participants for sharing their quilts and assistants!


  14. This is one of my very favorite blog hops and look forward to seeing it. There were so many really good posts and lots of fun pets to vote for. Such hard choices!!
    xx, CArol

    Thank you so much for choosing me to win a prize.

  15. Thanks so much for another great show - congratulations to all the winners!

  16. A huge congrats to all the winners! And a huge thank you to you for all the hard work you do, hosting this party for us every year. I spend all year sneaking pictures of my critters, trying to figure out which one I will write about.

  17. This was another fun year for Pets on Quilts Jacque! Thank you so much for hosting the show. You work very hard to make this a great event and it shows!
    Congratulations to all the pets and their people! Congrats to the winners in each category too! I'm honored that my Charly & Wilbur mug rug did so well and loved everyone's entries!


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