Monday, February 22, 2016

Vintage child's apron . . . strategy?

Hi, all of you Lilypad friends!

I need some advice today . . . a recent find has me worried. Let me show you some photos:

(Please disregard my kitty cat slippers. Yes, kitty cat slippers. I'm quirky that way. I hope you don't judge me for it, but I'm not going to change my ways if you do.)

To me, this looks like a child's apron, made from feedsacks. You'll see the texture in another photo. Isn't it cute? It's embroidered and has the blue binding to mark the seams and outline the whole thing. The ties are missing -- looks like it was an ongoing problem, since there are safety pins there!

The middle is just so dirty -- I think when this little one was helping mom or grandma with the cooking and baking, little hands were wiped on the front many, many times!

I really like the outline for the tiny pocket, above.

A sweet shade of pink is stitched around the bib, and the flowers there are adorable.

Love the old-fashioned basket of posies, too. And somehow I am comforted by the fact that someone else's reverse side is not as tidy as it could be . . . my embroideries are not so tidy on the back, either! (Grin)

There's one spot that looks like it might be something that was printed on the feedsack?

From the back, it looks like "R A P" but I could be wrong.

Here are my questions . . . should I try to clean this carefully? Should I try to restore it, making little ties and trying to re-create the blue binding, and all of that?

Or, should I just think of this as a possible pattern for an apron?

Some of you have much more experience with these vintage finds -- maybe you can advise me!

Looking forward to some discussions, here!