Friday, May 30, 2014

Birthday Loot

You can't have her! She's my sister, and I will NOT share! (Grin)
I've told y'all before that I have the bestest sister in the world, and she recently gave me a wunnerful, wunnerful birthday present!
It was a certificate so I could fabric shop! Yay! (And that way, I didn't break my use-my-stash vow!)

I thought I would show you the lovely things I got! I was happy dancing when I realized that the fabrics that I wanted already, had been placed on clearance!


Check out this beauteous stripe:


Then let's pair it with some brights!

I should have warned you, shouldn't I? Watch out, you're drooling on my fabrics! (Grin)

Ooooh, this stripe caught my eye, too:

Think I'm getting too sedate?

Haha! Check out how these make it pop!


Now it's off to my sketchbook to see which of my designs I will work on . . .