Monday, December 16, 2013


Lest you think that all we do here at the Lilypad is play in the fabric, I offer this post as proof that other things happen here . . . wonderful warm things!

Recently I got some yummy alpaca yarn (100% alpaca, the good stuff!) from Alpaca Creek Farm and I wanted to show you my project. Here is the info on the yarn, for those of you that are interested:
Alpaca Name: Jaci and Neo. Sister and brother - these are both award winning fleeces (3rd and 2nd place)
Color: True Black
17 wpi sport, Each Skein is 225 yards.
I know that the recipient never looks at my blog, in fact, probably doesn't know that I blog at all, so I'm safe sharing this with all of you!

This scarf will help keep him warm as he walks to the university -- I know this will work with his winter coat, so he'll be stylish AND warm!

Padsworth and DragonDrop wanted to help with the photos, so enjoy these shots of merriment and mayhem here at the Pad!

(Hide and seek)

(Here I am, DragonDrop!)

(Mmmmm, sure feels soft!)

The pattern came from this site, and is called the "Mariner's Scarf." I love the checkerboard effect that you get, simply by alternating knit and purl stitches in the pattern.

I'm hoping this will be well-used and well-loved . . . alpaca is so soft and warm!  And I think this looks very manly.

If any of y'all are knitters or crocheters, and are looking for a great fiber for your project, give my friend Jacki Roberts a shout. Her contact information is on the Alpaca Creek site, and she was wonderful to work with. (Waving) Thanks, Jacki! 

Gotta get back to work on Christmas projects!