Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My sweet sis!

Anybody remember this?

Our family has always loved the movie "White Christmas" and this song came to mind when I wrote the title for this post!

I have the bestest sister ever, and I just want you all to know that. Your sister may be wonderful, and awfully darn sweet, and gracious and loving and all that . . . but mine is still the bestest! (Grin)

Of course, that is what we are all supposed to think about our sisters, right? And some of us are blessed to have good friends that are just like sisters to us -- I have some of those, too, here in blogland. (Waving) I love y'all!

My sis just bowled me over the other day with a late birthday pressie! An awesome package of fabric goodness!

First, there was this gorgeous bag . . . oh, how I love reds, nowadays!

See all those delicious pocketys? Me loves pocketses! I can put patterns, needles, lots of stuff!

Haha! Can we say it all together?  "MORE POCKETS!"  I am in pocket heaven! Look at that cool piece in the bottom, to make it sturdy, and it will not droop!

I'm over-the-moon happy with all these red and white prints!

Look what else! My sis knows that I'm trying to design an original quilt with oranges . . . look at these goodies!

A Bella jelly roll, and some scrumptious fat quarters! (No excuse, now, I really have to start that orange quilt!)

Alright, now that I have you drooling over my haul, I'll sign off. (Wink)